What's your starter fertilizer program?

Apr 23, 2020

What's your starter fertilizer program?
A drawing of a faceDescription automatically generatedWhat’s the most important pass on any acre each season? Planting! 

What’s the most important pound of nutrition on that acre? Nutrients applied through the planter with or near the seed! 

When does quality and safety matter most? Right here right now! 

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With Kugler Starter Fertilizers and Midway Co-op you know you are getting the best quality products available for your most important fertility dollar spent.  With high Phosphorus grades like KQ650 & KQ528 for banded off-row applications, or low-salt options such as LS624 for a seed safe Phosphorus and Potassium option in corn and sorghum, you know you are going to get the best quality products on the market.  Also available are dozens of other high quality KQ grades to meet whatever your nutritional needs may be.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generatedDon’t forget the Micros! For corn, sorghum, and especially in-furrow with soybeans the answer is Micromax.  For corn and sorghum Zinc is always an issue for our soils and all Zinc is NOT created equal!  Ultra-che Zinc 9% from Winfield United is fully chelated to minimize soil tie-up and eliminate compatibility issues within the tank.

Give your corn, sorghum, and soybeans that final yield boost with growth regulators Ascend for in-furrow applications on corn, and Optify Stretch for in-furrow applications on soybeans.  Both will help build bigger roots to help mitigate environmental stresses throughout the growing season.


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