Fall Armyworms

Sep 16, 2021

Fall Armyworms
    As most of you have seen or heard about, Fall Armyworms are here in a big way!  We have seen many fields of volunteer wheat that the armyworms have already destroyed.  Growers that are preparing to drill wheat should take measures against armyworms this year.  A high rate of Insecticide seed treatment will suppress them, so if you are going to be planting soon you should strongly consider putting insecticide on your wheat seed.  They still have to eat some to die, so they may still hurt some boarders, but hopefully it will keep them from going all the way across the wheat field like they may with no treatment. 
   I would also recommend keeping a close eye on your wheat fields as they start to emerge.  If the armyworms are bad, we can spray with a generic Warrior when the wheat is coming up to control them.  Most generally, it takes a hard freeze to stop them, so we may be seeing armyworms for several weeks this fall.  They are also potentially going to be moving to other crops, alfalfa could be another one to watch.  Most of our fall crops are mature enough now that they should not bother them. 
   If you have any questions please reach out to your agronomist or local branch manager.

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