Alton Fire Department Donation

Aug 22, 2023

Midway Coop Association in conjunction with Land O’Lakes donated a total of $4,000.00 to the Alton Fire Department. 
Land O’Lakes is a regional cooperative that matches dollar-for-dollar cash donations from its local cooperative members like Midway Coop.  The donations are designed to help purchase fire equipment for the community.  Thank you to all firefighters, but especially those volunteers in our local communities. 
“This year with the support of Land O’Lakes, we donated a total of $4,000 to all 10 of our local fire departments for a total of $40,000 directly to our local fire departments.  Midway donated $2,000 that was matched by Land O’Lakes to all the departments.  The checks are being delivered this month.  We are proud to support our local fire departments and appreciate their commitment to our communities,” stated General Manager Craig Mans.
Pictured: Eric Stanton (Midway Coop Alton Manager) and Craig Poore (Alton Fire Department). 

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Jun 12, 2024
Midway Coop donates to Bull City Community Foundation $5,000 in partnership with CHS for a doubled value of $10,000.  Funds will be for the Alton Housing and Cleanup Initiative to remove dilapidated buildings, and clear lots for new housing units.
Jun 03, 2024
Midway Co-op Association in conjunction with CoBank donated a total of $10,000.00 to the Smith Center Recreation Commission.  The funds will be used to assist in renovating the old bowling alley into a Youth Training Complex.
May 16, 2024
Midway Coop donates $5,000 to NCK Outdoor Youth Fair, CHS Seeds matches.