Moss In Beef Cattle

Feb 05, 2020

Beef Cattle in a yard
Moss (mannan-oligosaccharide) is a yeast product that is safe and natural for your cattle. If you wish to take a cheaper and more organic route in your beef production think about Moss! Moss helps with the rumen, it helps to balance the gut and keep pathogenic bacteria from sickening your cattle.
Some pathogenic bacteria are:
·       Scours 
·       E-coli
·       Salmonella
·       Campylobacter
·       Listeria monocytogenes
This product will make a direct impact on the digestion of your cattle as well as the sanitation. It will also make a large impact on your calves, such as the first few weeks after birth. It will help with ingestion and colostrum. This product will also help when weaning comes along. It will ultimately help with the transitioning of the cattle and calves because this product reduces the stress of the cattle. And as any good rancher knows one of the most important parts about livestock is their stress level!
Credits- AGRIMOS
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