Golden Calf Booster w/ Bio-Mos

Sep 09, 2021

Golden Calf Booster w/ Bio-Mos
Golden Calf Booster w/ Bio-Mos
The Problem:  Many of the calves we start today, come into the feedlot with depressed appetites due to high acidity levels in the rumen and depressed immune systems due to deficiencies of copper and zinc.  This leads to calves that don’t eat and don’t perform.  Higher treatment costs rob us of profits, not to mention the increased labor cost related to the continuous pulling and treating calves.
The Solution:  Golden Calf Booster starts calves fast with less sickness, lower treatment cost, and improved feed consumption
What is it: 
Golden Calf Booster is a crystallized or cooked molasses block with added proteins, vitamins, minerals, and Bioplex trace minerals by Alltech (chelated Copper, Zinc, Manganese, and Cobalt). 
Why does it work:
  1. Because of the molasses base, calves readily lick small amounts of Calf Booster.    This licking action produces saliva which buffers acids produced because of the stress of weaning and hauling. The molasses also stimulates the intake of water and feed. Field trials have shown increased feed consumption of up to 2 lbs per day the first 21 days.
  2. Sugars from the molasses increase rumen activity, again stimulating appetite.
  3. Chelated trace minerals in combination with Bio-Mos jumpstarts the immune system. 
Why not add chelates to the starting ration:  A great idea, but calves that don’t eat, won’t    
            get the chelates.  Calf Booster in combination with a good starting ration is your
            best bet to a quick start on stressed calves.
Will calves eat enough to do the job:  Additional consumption has not improved performance, only
            increased the cost.      
Why is it better than competitive products
  1. Cost.  If fed according to direction, Calf Booster costs less than 85 cents per calf.
  2. Less labor.  Just put one 200 lb. tub in the back of every pen for each 100 head of calves.  Feedlot experience shows that tub will last 17 to 25 days.  Do not replace when empty.
It works.  Again, feedlot experience has shown improved feed consumption and reduced treatment cost.  In most cases treatment cost is cut in half.

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