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  Pompeo to Probe Ukraine Envoy Threats 01/18 09:31
  Iran to Send Black Boxes to Ukraine 01/18 09:38
  Storm Brings Snow,Ice to Midwest,N.E. 01/18 09:27
  Putin Leaves Few Options for Opposition01/18 09:34
  Prosecutor: Revoke Hyde's Bail 01/18 09:37
  VA Gun-Rights Activists: Show of Force 01/18 09:30
  Philippine Officials Brace for Crisis 01/18 09:33
  US Stock Indexes Hit More Records 01/17 16:12
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@C0H 389'4 13'6
@S0H 929'2 5'6
@W0H 571'0 5'2
@O0H 312'0 6'2
MSFT 167.100000 0.930000
WMT 114.960000
XOM 68.560000

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